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CURRENT CLIENTS: Important Update: Potential Changes to Telehealth Benefits

Online TelePsych FAQs

We realize you may have questions about Online TelePsych. Please review the following FAQs to learn more about the service and how it works.  

Q: What is Online TelePsych? 

A: Online TelePsych is our virtual psychological and psychiatric care service that enables you to attend a session with one of our clinicians over the internet from the comfort of your home. With Online TelePsych, your appointment is with one of our clinicians – just like it would be for an in-office visit, over our secure video conferencing system.  

Q: Can Anyone Use Online TelePsych? 

A: Patients need to meet certain criteria in order to use Online TelePsych, as sometimes virtual visits are not appropriate for all clients. If you are a good fit, you’ll need to be physically located in Massachusetts and have access to a laptop, desktop, or tablet and high-speed internet, as well as a quiet, private area of your home to attend the sessions. Our Intake Department will help determine if you are a good fit for TelePsych with us. 

You can fill out our online form to contact us to determine if Online TelePsych is right for you.  

Q: Who Can Benefit From Online TelePsych? 

A: Everyone who qualifies for the service can benefit from it! It’s convenient for patients who travel a lot, parents who need to find childcare, or anyone who would otherwise have to take time off from work and fight traffic to make in-person appointments. Depending on clinician schedules, sometimes we can schedule Online TelePsych appointments with you outside of your working hours, when they’re convenient for you.  

Online TelePsych is also ideal for those who may have mobility issues that make it difficult to visit an office location in-person. It also helps those with limited mental health care providers in their town receive the care they need.  

Q: Is My Privacy Protected When Using Online TelePsych Sessions? 

A: YES!  We use highly secure, HIPAA-compliant software so that patient privacy isn’t compromised. We use the online telemedicine platform, which is very secure and easy to use.  

Q: Can I Use my Phone for a TelePsych Session? 

A: We ask that you have access to a laptop, desktop, or tablet in order to use TelePsych. This is so that they can easily view the provider conducting the appointment on sizeable screen, and so that they can easily log onto the site. If you lack the technology at home, call us and inquire about the possibility of telephone sessions. 

Q: Does my Insurance Cover Online TelePsych? 

A: Most insurance plans including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, Harvard Pilgrim, United Behavioral Health, and others often cover telepsychiatry services. Our administrative staff will verify your benefits before we schedule a TelePsych appointment. Please view this page to see the insurance providers we can accept. 

Q: How Do I Log Into my Online TelePsych Appointment? 

A: When your appointment is confirmed, our staff will provide you with complete instructions. 

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