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Therapy & Counseling Services Near Arlington

Comprehensive Behavioral Health Counseling Services Close To Arlington, MA and Online

Whether onsite or online, we offer evidence-based psychological & psychiatric services designed to help our clients lead more fulfilling, productive, and healthy lives.

The standard in behavioral health since 2004, Commonwealth Psychology Associates® (CPA) is a unique, multi-specialty psychological counseling and behavioral health center dedicated to providing state of the art assessment, treatment, and consultation in four office locations across Newton and Boston, MA.

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individual psychotherapy session in Arlington MAOur team of doctoral-level adult and child psychologists, neuropsychologists, and psychiatrists offer excellent credentials, extensive clinical experience, and knowledge of the most effective therapeutic and assessment techniques. Clients who see a clinician in any one of our specialty areas can be assured of a comprehensive review of their needs and appropriate referrals to follow-up services if needed. Our multi-disciplinary team approach assures that each client’s care is highly personalized to meet his or her individual goals.

We invite you to call us at (857) 760-0210 or contact us online for more information or to request an appointment.

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Our main areas of specialty include:

Arlington Online Therapy & Psychiatry Consultations with Accredited Clinicians
About Commonwealth Psychology Associates® (CPA)
Psychiatry and Medication Management
Pregnancy & Post-Partum Psychiatric Treatments
ADHD Testing and Therapy for Adults and Teenagers
Neuropsychology for Teens
Autism Tests for Adults and Young People
Behavioral Medicine
CBT for Insomia
Arlington, MA Individual and Couples Therapy
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Arlington Online Therapy & Psychiatry Consultations with Accredited Clinicians

Commonwealth Psychology Associates® has been providing TeleHealth Online Virtual Visits for behavioral health services ever since 2018. This enables people in Arlington and all over Massachusetts to receive excellent treatment from the same highly trained certified professional team who treat our in-office clients.

Online Virtual Visits are a fantastic choice for those that cannot travel to our offices as a result of geography, transport, disabilities, job as well as child care routines, and so on. Please note that you must be physically located in Massachusetts during your appointment to satisfy licensing and insurance coverage requirements.

There are 3 major requirements for Online Virtual Visits. Our Arlington TelePsych clients will need:

– A desktop computer or laptop computer with a web cam and microphone (We do not advise using a tablet or phone – they appear to create hiccups).
– A high quality internet connection.
– A private area that is quiet where you will not be disturbed.

Most insurance providers cover TeleHealth Online Virtual Visits. Our team will certainly verify your benefits.

About Commonwealth Psychology Associates® (CPA)

Here at Commonwealth Psychology Associates® (CPA), our mission is to help our clients to build healthier and happier lives. Our Arlington-area health center treats a wide range of behavioral health challenges and we strive to offer every single patient a tailored treatment in a safe and caring setting.

Psychiatry and Medication Management

Our trained psychiatry team will help you ascertain if psychiatric medication or other solutions are the best thing for you. Working together with our specially qualified psychopharmacologist can help to ensure that you’re being given the right medication in the appropriate dosage to efficiently look after your mental wellbeing.

Pregnancy & Post-Partum Psychiatric Treatments

Our fully commited pschiatric team recognizes that women who frequently take psychiatric medication might need medication evaluation both during and after pregnancy. Additionally we treat post-partum depression and help women through the transition to new motherhood. We’re always here to help with this in caring and relaxed environment.

ADHD Testing and Therapy for Adults and Teenagers

At CPA, we diagnose attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) by using non-invasive neuropsychological evaluations that check concentration levels along with other mental functions. These services are offered to patients aged 16 and over and conclude with recommendations to make sure our clients perform at their best at school and at work.

Neuropsychology for Teens

Neuropsychological evaluations can be a reliable tool for diagnosing (or ruling out) autism spectrum disorders, learning dysfunctions and ADHD in adolescents. Teens who experience emotional, behavioral, social, or/and academic challenges could gain from assessment and the consequent advice and treatment plans for better performance at school, at home, and in a social setting.

Our trusted neuropsychological tests, available at our Arlington area center, for teenagers aged 16+, address concerns related to academic struggles, social skills, executive functioning, attention, concussions, emotion regulation, Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD assessment and treatment solutions.

Autism Tests for Adults and Young People

We do tests on teens and adults for autism spectrum disorders by using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule, 2nd Edition (ADOS-2) to evaluate applicable cognitive characteristics like language skills and social interaction.

Behavioral Medicine

Our emotional well being can have a huge impact on our overall health. Our health psychologists employ psychology-based behavior change concepts in order to help patients cope with a new or existing diagnosis and implement lasting, helpful changes in their lifestyle to encourage optimal health and wellbeing.

CBT for Insomia

Sleep problems are extremely widespread amongst adults in America. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) for insomnia is a method to help you improve your sleep by fine-tuning your feelings, thinking patterns and behaviors as they relate to sleep.

Arlington, MA Individual and Couples Therapy

Often couples need a productive and safe environment to get through conflict and challenges in their relationship. Here at CPA we provide treatment sessions to individuals and couples who are experiencing difficult times or are wanting to learn skills to develop a sturdy relationship.

Get In Touch For an Appointment In One Of Our Clinics Near Arlington, MA

If you are ready to learn more about Commonwealth Psychology Associates® and our services, contact us to request an appointment.

Commonwealth Psychology Associates® Cambridge
625 Mt Auburn St Suite 205A
Cambridge, MA 02138
(857) 760-0210

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