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Psychiatry Services

We make it easy to find psychiatrists near you.

We have psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners in each of our Boston, Newton, and Cambridge locations, as well as for Online Virtual Visits, ensuring quick access to comprehensive psychiatric care.

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Our Boston and Newton Psychiatry Services Team is led by our Medical Director, Dr. Sanja Petrovic. Dr. Petrovic’s team of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners work closely with our psychologists and neuropsychologists to ensure the highest quality, coordinated care to improve outcomes for our clients. Psychiatry services are available for children age 8+, adolescents, and adults.

Although many emotional difficulties can be fully treated with psychotherapy alone, at times additional treatment from a psychiatrist may be necessary. Research indicates that the combination of psychotherapy and medication is often the most effective treatment for some conditions. During an initial consultation meeting, clients and psychiatrists work collaboratively to identify the client’s individual needs and concerns and to determine whether medication or another non-medication treatment option may be most beneficial.

Importantly, clients can request a consultation with one of our psychiatrists or nurse prescribers to simply talk about options – meeting with a psychiatrist won’t mean you will be required to get a prescription or take medication. In fact, many clients who meet with one of our prescribers decide not to take medication. Clients can return for a re-evaluation at a later date if they want to reconsider their medication options.

Child Psychiatry

A psychiatric evaluation for a minor is an in-depth, focused examination that examines the role biological, psychological, and social factors may play in emotional and behavioral concerns. Our Board Certified child psychiatry team is specialized in treating children and adolescents. They work with children and families to understand presenting issues, formulate diagnostic impressions, make treatment recommendations, and to provide related services such as medication management, therapy, and working collaboratively with other providers.

What are the most common psychiatric medications?

Although there are many different psychiatric medications, the majority are prescribed to treat depression. Medication also is often prescribed for ADHD symptoms.

What if medication doesn’t help?

For clients experiencing depression that has not responded satisfactorily to medication trials or psychotherapy, our psychiatrists offer Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy for Depression (TMS Therapy for Depression). TMS Therapy is an FDA-approved, non-medication treatment for depression.

How do I request an appointment with a Psychiatrist in Boston or Newton?

We have board-certified Child & Adult Psychiatrists, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists who offer psychiatric assessment and medication consultation in Boston, Newton-Wellesley, and Newton-Watertown. Our Newton-Wellesley location offers free parking and our offices are just minutes away from Cambridge, Needham, Natick, Framingham. and other MetroWest locations.

What about TelePsych Services?

Some clients may be candidates for TelePsych Services. Appointments are conducted via a secure video-conferencing system. This may be ideal for those who may have difficulty traveling to our office locations. To learn more about TelePsych services, click here.

If you are a new client hoping to find a psychiatrist near you, please complete our quick and easy Online Intake Form or call us at (781) 551-0999 today. 

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