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Couples & Marriage Counseling

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy or premarital counseling can help you move towards a happier, healthier place in your relationship.


Despite best intentions, conflict and other kinds of interpersonal struggle are a normal part of romantic relationships. Conflict is common, but not all couples manage their conflict effectively. Lack of skill in managing conflict can exacerbate frustration and resentment, and can lead to the erosion of feelings of closeness and connection.

Fortunately, couples can learn how to more effectively handle the inevitable difficulties that arise in relationships. Couples therapy or premarital counseling can provide a safe environment to explore problems, build skills, and forge a path to reduced conflict and increased relationship satisfaction. Couples therapy offers the opportunity to understand frustrating patterns, to explore confusing emotions, to feel understood by a partner or spouse, and to identify the fears and vulnerabilities that may be a the root of familiar battles and unhelpful behaviors.

Couples choose to come for counseling with a wide range of goals. They may be hoping to repair broken trust, renew a sense of closeness, enliven sexual desire, prepare for a more significant commitment, or end a relationship in the most respectful, least hurtful manner possible. Couples therapy can help to clarify what a couple truly wants in a new stage in life or can support couples struggling with major life change or crisis.

At the heart of couples therapy and premarital counseling work is improving the capacity to communicate effectively. Over the course of therapy, couples learn to identify and name vulnerabilities, fears, and frustrating behaviors. This allows couples to interrupt old loops by responding directly and clearly. The process of learning communication skills together can produce understanding and empathy and help couples build a tool kit for respectful and effective conflict resolution.

Our psychologists know that each couple and relationship is unique and will work with clients to develop a treatment plan that is specific to their circumstances and needs. As part of the process of couples counseling, our clinicians will help couples:

  • Determine core relationship struggles
  • Identify harmful responses to conflict
  • Develop improved conflict management skills
  • Improve overall communication skills
  • Develop shared goals and live visions
  • Create more time for intimacy and fun

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