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Why more people seek psychological counseling in January

January 4, 2014|Counseling & Psychotherapy

If you are thinking about starting psychotherapy or counseling this month, you are not alone.

Every year, January is one of CPA’s two busiest months of the year (sometimes the busiest) for referrals and inquiries for psychotherapy and psychiatry services.


It seems that more people become interested in obtaining psychological services after the holidays for a few reasons.

First, the season of the year. During the winter months, we are exposed to less sunlight, which can result in Seasonal Affective Disorder or Depression. And, during the winter it can be harder to maintain healthy exercise and diet habits.

Second, the stress and/or disappointments associated with holidays. Many people over-extend themselves emotionally, physically and financially during the holidays. Doing so often drains their resources and limits self-care activities, which can contribute to feeling anxious and/or depressed.

Third, stirred up family issues. While many people enjoy the holidays and spending time with family, this is not the case for everyone. Some people experience grief and loss during the holidays, missing loved ones and/or happier times. Other people find that old hurts and conflicts with family members resurface during family visits, which also can contribute to feelings of anger, anxiety and depression.

Finally, a combination of the above. Some people will experience more than one of the above issues, subsequently feeling overwhelmed, anxious and depressed.

Fortunately, counseling and psychological services can help many people feel better and develop skills to cope with the time of year and holidays next year.

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