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CURRENT CLIENTS: Important Update: Potential Changes to Telehealth Benefits

Why are TelePsych Services Important?

While TelePsych services have been available for several years, it’s becoming more popular and also more urgent every day. Many insurance plans are rapidly expanding coverage to include TelePsych benefits. 

TelePsych is when you have your regular mental or behavioral health appointment online via a secure, HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system instead of going in to the actual office. 

  • TelePsych is a great option for patients who have limited mobility and can’t leave their homes easily, or busy parents who need to find childcare options so they can visit the doctor. It also reduces the amount of missed work time and time spent in traffic getting to doctors’ appointments. 
  • TelePsych  makes care accessible for patients who live in a geographic area with minimal health care providers 
  • TelePsych  can help prevent or slow the spread of infectious diseases and viruses as people can attend appointments in their home.  
  •  TelePsych  allows for mental health care treatment to continue without disruption when patients can’t travel to the office due to weather or social distancing efforts. 

 At Commonwealth Psychology, we offer TeleHealth Online Virtual Visits for therapy, counseling, and psychiatric medication management and consultation.  

If you think TelePsych  may be right for you, you will need high speed internet service, a laptop, desktop, or tablet, and a quiet private space in your home to attend the virtual visits.  

Contact us at (781) 551-0999 or fill out our online form to find out if TeleHealth is right for you. 

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